What does YOUR husband do in the shower?

Things are crazy around here, I should be putting up a tree, and lights and planning the Holiday meal. ALL things Christmas! Instead I sit here coughing up a lung and hoping my head doesn’t detach and float off. During that down time I am TRYING to tweak both of my blogs so that they will run better for the both of us! And that includes A LOT of reading and A LOT of deciding. Blogging is NOT as simple as it used to be sistah! There is SEO and Cache, and many social medias to choose from, XHTML and forms and pop ups or no pop ups ( I despise pop ups) So many plug-ins a girl could go MAD trying to choose.

So as I pass out in my chair ~ I cannot even sleep laying flat right now because I cannot breathe~ :(  I will leave you with a little funny that happened last year.

Have you ever caught your husband doing something in the shower that made you gasp? That shocked you? Something that required a little, hand action?
I did, and I was quite speechless.
I woke up one morning and toddled into the bathroom as usual and whipped back the shower curtain to ask my husband something (he loves when I do this especially when he does not hear me coming) and lo and behold there he stood steamy and wet…..eating a container of yogurt!! (you have a dirty mind) And I said “What the hell are you doing?” And he just looks at me and says “Hiding from the cats, this is the only place I can eat yogurt in peace.” That might seem weird to you but you don’t live HERE, I just said “Oh, ok” and went to pee. All’s well on the funny farm :o)
Sweet dreams


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