About Me

i live in alaska. i should live in hawaii or florida. i think i’m hilarious (and i love people who make me laugh). i use a LOT of exclamation points and words in bold. i’m really opinionated ( you can dislike me for that but i won’t notice or care) and i sometimes feed my tomatoes to the dog (don’t tell my mom, she spits them out, my dog not my mom). i won’t avoid politics in order to make people like me. a reader once said that my blog consisted of (in no particular order): “coffee, cats, nail polish, coupons, pinterest, and lists upon lists of lists.” (pinterest is just a big list fetish with pictures.) i would say that’s all pretty accurate. oh, and beer.


it drove me bonkers to not use capitalization but somehow it looks cute, relaxed and bohemian.

(does that mean i have dual personalities?) god i hope so.


p.s. i love comic sans


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